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© 2014 Blue Haven Raiders Junior Rugby League Club


© 2014 Blue Haven Raiders Junior Rugby League Club


 © 2014 Blue Haven Raiders Junior Rugby League Club
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PLAYER REGISTRATION $120.00 per child fees ($50.00 deposit accepted). Balannce must be paid in full by the first competition game, unless a previous agreement has been received in writing to the executive committee, and has been authorised by the executive committee.

ONLINE REGISTRATION The NRL has introduced a new rule that requires returning players to complete registration online.

Have not registered an email address or username with NRL before?

Blue Haven player registrar Jade Robertson will provide you a username & password Click Here

I HAVE NRL REGISTRATION If you have previously registered online with the NRL, follow the very easy prompts Click Here  

REGISTRATION PAYMENT You have the choice of paying online (transaction fee applies by LeagueNet).

Direct Deposit into Blue Haven Raiders account providing surname and age of child Click Here 

Pay registration fees club training Tuesday + Thursday Blue Haven Public School from 4pm.

GET INVOLVED We welcome everyone with an interest and passion within ours and the surrounding communities to become a valuable volunteer. Your skills will help provide Girls & Boys opportunities to participate and enjoy the rewards that junior rugby league provides, and enjoy lifelong friendships.

PLAYERS UNIFORM Players are supplied Game day Socks, Shorts, Shirt + SLE Medical Insurance. Players must wear Blue Haven JRL uniform on match day, being, Club Shorts, Club Socks, Cub Shirt and Club Jersey.

Any player found not adhering to this rule, may incur a fine from the league to our club, which may be passed onto the player concerned.

Blue Haven Raiders JRLC will not allow a player to take or wear a team jersey home at any time. Club jerseys is to be returned to the team coaching staff at the completion of games.

PLAYERS DISCIPLINE Blue Haven JRL has a 3 strike rule. Swearing and bad behaviour from players will not be tolerated at training or on game day. Each time a player is found swearing or misbehaving, he/she will receive: 1 strike. 3 Strikes means the player will Miss A Game!

PARENT/GUARDIAN/OFFICALS DISCIPLINE Any parent/guardian or official found abusing referees, club officials, or other parents, shall be found to be in breach of the Blue Haven Raiders JRLC constitution and the CCDJRL, CRL & NRL Code of Conduct. Any breach shall warrant disciplinary action from the club executive committee, and may find further action by CCDJRL and CRL.

INCIDENTS/INJURIES/SEND OFFS AT AWAY GAMES All incidents that occur at away games must be brought to the attention of the Club Secretary no later than 5pm on game day.  A written report must follow within 48 hours.

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© 2014 Blue Haven Raiders Junior Rugby League Club


  © 2014 Blue Haven Raiders Junior Rugby League Club


© 2014 Blue Haven Raiders Junior Rugby League Club


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© 2014 Blue Haven Raiders Junior Rugby League Club
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